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Alhamdulilah sudahketerima beasiswa Lpdp dan kampus di CDU. Oleh karena itu sekarang lebih fokus untuk menyelesaikan bagian perencanaan PhD dan penulisan disertasi. adapun ada beberapa hal yang harus dipersiapkan yaitu:

  1. Big Picture rencana thesis apa?
  2. Thesis harus di bagi menadi bagian “Logical Parts” alur logicanya bagaimana?
  3. Membuat daftar kegiatan untuk setiap tahap dalam penulisan thesis
  4. berapa waktu yang dibutuhkan untuk masing masing kegiatan – jadwalnya
  5. masukan kedalam Gantt chart
  6. selalu memantau hasil kerja dan perkembangan penulisan thesis
  7. buat rencana tulisan terjadwal
  8. mengelola biaya biaya dalam penelitian
  9. identifikasi risiko dan cara mengatasinya

Semoga bisa berhasil dalam penulisan thesis di CDU.


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  1. Scholarly Journal of Business Administration, Vol.
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    February, 2014
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    ISSN 2276

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    Full Length Research Paper
    The effects of
    plantation policy
    , and society
    on the service quality
    of the right use of
    in Biru Maju village, Indonesia
    Gatot Subroto


    . Email:
    Accepted 7 February, 2014
    The main purpose of this study is to analyze the effects of policy implementation,
    coordination, public perception and society participation on the service quality of the right use of
    plantation in Biru Maju Village, East Kalimantan, Indonesia. Method used to analyze the data and
    information is by using statistical multiple regression a
    nalysis on 448 samples. The study found that
    the plantation policy implementation, Officials Coordination, public perception, and
    have significant effects on the service quality the right use of plantation in the village
    under surveye
    d. Therefore, a great attention needs to be given by the government and other
    stakeholders toward the importance of these four variables on the service quality of the right use of
    olicy implementation,
    coordination, publ
    ic perception and society participation.
    Society is a group of human
    life that has the role of
    diversity and different cultures in a development, or goes
    with the flow of civilization. The development pe
    riod in a
    community of interconnected places and mingle with one
    another, with all the activities are tolerated well by the
    contradictory relationship daily can give sentence

    sentence, as well as providing an application

    application of adaptiv
    e and can minimize an act of good
    and bad, as well as having the interpretations of scientific
    knowledge and thinking towards prosperity, peace, and
    be able to have a sense of security to think of peace, in
    solidarity ties of citizenship, nationality, and
    the country.
    But as soon as people can be differentiated by culture
    and so

    called levels, degree both socially and in the eyes
    of the creator (God) that are closely related, related to
    God in the interpretation of the Qur’anul Kharim Allah
    says “hablum Min
    nallah” which means interconnected
    with Allah (God). And also, it interacts with the human
    “hablum minannas”, which means interconnected with
    each other (human).
    It is clear that: Man is the most perfect creature existing
    on this earth, visible people who
    have or are in the gift of
    reason and the mind to be able to distinguish between
    this and that, so that people are able to apply a correct
    assessment and no, good and bad, and with human
    thinking and reasoning power to create, so as to animate,
    capable of
    affecting mental and able to have morality and
    ethics, the rules of the humanity. Man in the philosophy of
    science in the process of scientific inquiry, human. in
    shaded by reason and thought, proved of philosophy
    itself, because the man in her life by th
    e teachings based,
    sects and religions.
    Of the principles of thinking, humans have views of the
    reasoning, as well as essential, capable of acting on faith
    and nature, that caused by intact human theoretically,
    and practically. Culture of human society also called,
    Suminto 35
    which can differentiate into social variables have a
    different culture from the human community can be
    noticed and can be noticed and be in the show, clearly
    and plainly, that human society can be. To give a
    direction against this background, the quality o
    implementation of leasehold influence on society Biru
    Maju Village District East Kalimantan at Telawang City
    With the plantation policies based on Law No. 18 of
    2004 section 21 binding regulations on businesses and
    leasehold estates which are
    in particular:
    (1). Plantation policy dynamics that happen to people in
    the village of Blue Maju. No effect on the contribution of
    citizens cultivators, farm cultivators gardening and farm
    palm oil with a maximum for the establishment of oil palm
    and wealthy planters against their peoples who
    still runs selective logging on the distribution of the rights
    and powers that have been set by the local government
    local actors tend to contribute plantation business on
    company/corporation that goes in the
    area, so the impact
    on businesses such plantation companies/corporations
    that are not in or did it substantially more evenly on the
    whole as well as citizens at its core.
    (2). Invisibility in the case of deviations above and in
    doing leasehold estate by b
    usinesses including
    company/corporation that entered the area, which
    happens at the moment is obviously In laving land to
    residents in the village of Blue Maju Telawang District
    East District Municipality K. with the extent of land
    grabbing Inlaving 657.77
    Ha (hectares acres) of the total
    area of
    forest land forested areas to get permission from
    the Ministry of Forestry Number: 364/Kpts

    II/1990, and
    the Ministry of Agriculture Decree No. 519/Kpts/hk.050 /
    7/1990, as well as the Decision of the National La
    Agency Number: 23/VIII/1990 in a joint decree (SKB)
    Three state officials weigh in: “That in order to support
    agricultural development, in view of the need to simplify
    the rules regarding the release of forests and granting
    rights to its business “.
    . Based on the land area of
    2.324.77 Ha (hectares
    acres) of land were in use as the oil palm plantation
    business, so on September 6th, 2010 ago.
    There was a poll that took place on the second floor
    (II), building the Regional Secretariat (Secretariat)
    K. City
    East District also attended by local authorities and
    relevant agencies on the East K. City District, also
    attended by the company’s businesses, namely
    plantation/corporations that exist in the area in particular
    that revealed problems in the fact t
    hat: A. Plantation
    business players, a company/corporation that has not
    had a release permit from the Ministry of Forestry forest
    and land use permits from the Land Office Center. B. On
    the other hand most of the land area in the
    recommendation is pra
    y overlap (inlaving) with an area of
    approximately 657.77 hectares (Hectare acre). Which the
    land is allocated to land Transmigration for citizens in the
    Village District Telawang Blue Maju K. City East District
    in this case as explained by:
    1) The off
    icial explanation from the Head of the District
    Forestry Services K. City East Number: 522/1/841/3.01 /
    IV/2011 April 18, 2011 on the Status Analysis of Forest
    2) The official explanation from the Head of the
    Department of Transmigration and Manpowe
    r K. City
    East District Number: 595.1/405/P4

    Trns/IV/2011 dated
    19 April 2011 about Analysis Transmigration Area Status.
    3) Recommendation results public hearing the Regional
    Representatives Council (DPRD) K. City East District
    Number: DPRD/282/005/2011 d
    ated May 18, 2011 the
    following excerpt of the description that discusses land
    dispute with the company’s plantation
    corporations that exist in the area. With the
    licensing process that does not comply with the rules and
    regulations apply.
    eport the results of point coordinates transmigration
    area Biru Maju village Telawang District East District
    Municipality K. on May 6, 2011 will be undertaken by the
    Head section of land and resolving land legality of
    Manpower and Transmigration Departmen
    t City District
    K. East, and two (2) employees implementing the Forest
    Service Eastern District Municipality K. statement
    justifying the evidence on the location and status of land
    field overlap (Inlaving) is owned by the Village District
    Telawang Biru Maj
    u K. City District east. C.
    The plantation business players, a company /
    corporation that is in the area of
    land acquisition has not
    been done in accordance with the following provisions:
    1. Presidential Regulation No. 36 Year 2005 on the
    n and acquisition of land for development in
    the public interest for citizens certainly Biru Maju village
    Telawang District City District K. kordinatnya east
    because the location of the point.
    2. Previously implement the exemption or indemnity or
    or exchange or the other way, as is the purpose
    of Article 20 of Presidential Regulation No. 36 of 2005
    that: “the company’s plantation businesses / corporations
    that exist in the area prior to the release of land
    cultivation. ‘ve Done operational performa
    nce in the field
    with the scale cultivation of the land, so that the activity is
    very violating laws that have been set by government
    regulations with activities in starting in 2005 “.
    3. The hearing generally carried on on May 18, 2011
    which was held at t
    he Regional Representatives Council
    (DPRD) District of the City of East K. Clarity does not
    make a recommendation (aka zero results are not
    expected) to completion as desired Biru Maju village
    residents Telawang
    District East District of the City of K.
    plantation businesses are companies/corporations that
    exist in the area.
    4. So that on August 31, 2011 Government Blue Village
    Forward, apply for settlement of land transmigration into
    overlapping land (Inlaving) w
    ith plantation businesses are
    companies / corporations that exist in this area. With
    advanced in the underlying file letter to the Governor of
    Central Kalimantan Number: 145/156/BM/Pem. For the
    land which had overlapping (Inlaving) with p
    es, a company
    /corporation that is in this
    particular area. Thus a letter from the Governor of Central
    Kalimantan Number: 525/1385/Ek. To resolve any
    that arises
    by business interruption plantation in
    East K. District Municipality area specifically
    in the village
    of Biru Maju.
    5. Lack of oversight in the plantation sector agencies
    affiliated with other agencies for the settlement process
    for the residents in the village of Biru Maju District
    Telawang K. City District East. Regarding the
    of the system and local government officials
    as well as officials in dealing with the problems that arise
    in this area. In one after another with cases irregularities
    on overlapping land (
    ) and the level of welfare
    standards are not appropriate, th
    en the basis of the
    composition to make changes in the system of the local
    government. Because of the lack of legal sanctions for
    violations of laws and regulations especially businesses
    that plantation companies/corporations that exist in the
    6. Dis
    satisfaction citizens in the village of Biru Maju tips
    proves a failure of leadership or performance of local
    government officials and their ranges in the face and
    overcome any problems or issues that arise for residents
    and community businesses for estate
    settlement process,
    a company / corporation that is in this area with the
    overlapping area (Inlaving) is.
    7. Leadership of a local government in realizing fully trust
    of citizens in particular because of the lack fairan of local
    government itself, thus re
    sulting in an action that
    analyzes of interest rather than public service to the
    citizens and the rights of the affected communities who
    privacy with regard to the regulations
    that must be carried, thus triggering action that leads to
    lence, people who feel overwhelmed, and arrogance
    that does not behave empathetic of the difficulties
    citizens and ignoring the rights of legal justice is certainly
    very cause fatal for the development pace of
    development in the level of and local governme
    nts do not
    promote the welfare of citizens and should be entirely on
    Scholarly J. Bus. Admin. 36
    the area in the village of Biru Maju Developed in the end.
    Based on the background mentioned, then the problem
    can be identified in the study as
    1. Neglect of Act No. 18 of 2004 Section 21 On
    Plantations, who are only concerned about a group in the
    process of policy formulation, so that policies made by
    the government in its feel does not meet or harm its
    2. Community particip
    ation is still not optimal, because
    there are many aspirations or ignore public opinion in by
    local government officials.
    3. Law No. 32 Year 2004 on Regional Autonomy ensure
    community development yet exist in the area, because it
    is still in the encounter
    that the loss of state revenue in
    the region because the region has not net apparatus.
    4. Coordination is still unclear, so that the apparatus is
    difficult to translate any tasks given by her superiors.
    5. Employee quality is still low due to lack of educa
    and training so that no anticipatory optimal in increasing
    regional autonomy.
    6. Employees often hesitate and do not have a
    commitment to providing services that focus on the
    7. Authority that is given not fully
    the basic tasks
    the unit concerned.
    8. Not yet fully awakened the same perception regarding
    the mechanisms and procedures for servicing.
    Notes that, because of the many factors that affect or
    relate to leasehold service quality, this research will focus
    on service qualit
    y leasehold, which is connected with the
    Effect of Plantations Policy Implementation, Officials
    Coordination, Public Perception,
    and Society
    Participation. In addition, this study also limit the object of
    research is in the Village at Biru Maju provisions
    in 2012
    and in 2013. This study for the first time in the making
    and has never been thoroughly by others, and can
    contribute to the development of the science of
    Therefore, the purpose of this study is to examine and
    review the implementation of Policy Influence Plantation,
    Coordination Officers, Public Perception,
    and Public
    Participation. Objectives to be achieved in this study are
    as follows:
    1. The Analyzing I
    nfluence Plantations Policy
    Implementation and Quality of Service the Right use
    Plantation in Biru Maju Village.
    2. The Analyze the influence of Coordination Officers and
    Service Quality in the Right use Plantation Biru Maju
    Village forward.
    3. The Public Perception and analyze the influence of
    Service Quality of the Right use Plantation Biru Maju
    4. The Analyze the influence of Community Participation
    and Service Quality of the Right use Plantation Biru Maju
    5. Th
    e Analyzing Influence Plantations Policy
    Implementation, Coordination Officers, Public Perception,
    Public Participation together and leasehold Service
    Quality of the Right use Plantation in Biru Maju Village.
    Analytical Framework
    Departing from a series
    of views and assessments that
    have been put forward by the experts above, it can pull
    the understanding that the mean by which democratic
    governance is the practice of constitutional governance in
    focusing on how the resources and political institutions
    ustain community life democratic and terberdaya.
    Rashid (2000: 21) argues that the government has
    always viewed as a combination of:
    rule of the constitution, law, ethics,
    institutions of power that is authorized to manage
    a series of exe
    cutive, legislative, judicial
    number of bureaucrats and political officials as
    agents of and responsible for the execution of these
    The same opinion was said by Rashid (2000: 13) that
    modern government is essentially providing government
    services to the public, the government held not to serve
    itself but to serve the community, creating conditions that
    allow every member of the community to develop skills
    and creativity in order achieve common progress. The
    above conditions can be achieved
    if the government
    commits against his decision. Almost in every State and
    Nation (Nation and State) in order to achieve the purpose
    of the State, in the embrace of power sharing:
    the form of “capital Division of Power”, this is a
    horizontal divis
    ion of power, which was known from the
    theory of “Trias Politica”
    n the form of “Areal Division of Power”, the division of
    powers in this form is vertical, ie the division of powers
    between the central government body or public agency
    that is outside
    of the central government (Arthur Mass in
    Koswara, 2003: 7).
    Policy implementation is a crucial stage in the public
    policy process. A policy or program should be
    implemented in order to have the impact or the desired
    . Implementation of the policy in view of the
    broad sense is a tool of public administration in which
    actors, organization, procedures, techniques and
    resources in organizing together to implement policies to
    achieve impact or desired destination.
    ation is one benefit to a leader, and the leader
    of a large organization in need
    of proper coordination
    must implement, simplify the organization,
    develop programs,
    and boost
    coordination by using
    certain approaches (Syafrudin, 1996: 4). Leobarrd
    White giving opinions about the coordination of the
    quotation by Suhartono (1998: 126

    127) is coordinating
    the adjustment parts to each other, movement and
    workmanship at the right time so that each contribute the
    maximum on the overall result. Respect
    it, as and
    stressed by Moekijat (1994: 1

    2) if there are
    circumstances that are interdependent among activities,
    the effective result would be achieved if these activities
    be coordinated. Perception is the interpretation that high
    on the human environment
    and to process the
    information process “surrounding their human Interpret
    percipe on a higher processing information through their
    word” Wilson. D. (2000), another opinion put forward by
    Maramis (1998).
    Perception is the familiar stuff, the quality and t
    relationship and differences between this case through
    the process of observing, knowing or interpreting after
    five senses get stimulated. This fact makes it easy to
    increase the individual’s perception of the stimulus that
    affects the individual who tr
    igger an experience of the
    organism, so the thought arises that the perceptual
    process is the most high. According Mulyasa (2005)
    Social perception is the process of capturing the meaning
    of social objects and events that we experience in our
    humans are emotional, so they contain an
    assessment of the risk, each person has a different
    picture of the reality around him. Participation of citizens
    in doing not only at the stage of implementation, but the
    whole start of the stages of policy formulat
    implementation, and evaluation of the start of the stage of
    policy formulation, implementation, evaluation, and
    utilization of the results. (Wasistiono, 2002: 33)
    figure 1
    The method used in this study is a quanti
    tative analysis
    method, which aims to determine the effect of Plantations
    Policy Implementation, Officials Coordination, Public
    and Society
    Participations as an independent
    variable. And leasehold Service Quality as the dependent
    Scholarly J. Bus. Admin. 38
    Figure 1
    . Research Framework
    variable, either individually or jointly. Determination of the
    independent variables (predictors) should be based on
    theory or previous research results, but for explanatory
    research, researchers need experience as a handle to
    select the dependent variable.
    The research model using simple linear regression
    analysis and regression with models like the fi
    t in Figure
    The research was carried out at certain points of the
    most influential in the observation (Observation)
    researchers. Precisely in the Biru Maju village forward
    runs the length of this research, requires a range of time
    between 6 (Six) months
    from October 2012

    April 2013.
    To obtain complete data in the object of this study, the
    authors use two (2) ways in which data collection
    techniques used in this study are:
    Research literature
    , will be undertaken to support the
    theoretical and conce
    ptual ideas regarding the research
    variables, which in this case is supported by a technique:
    1) Research bibliography, a research text books or
    literature that can make such a study in this research.
    Suminto 39
    Figure 2.
    Model Analysis Research
    = The Effect of Plantation Policy Implementation
    = Officials Coordination
    = Public Perceptions
    = Society Participation
    Y = The Service Quality of the Right use of Plantation
    ε (Epsilon) =
    Outside factors X
    , X
    , X
    , and X
    which affects the Y, but not
    2) Study the documentation, this technique can be briefly
    described as the observation of the symptoms of objects
    in meticulous, by examining document
    s at the Biru Maju
    Village Forward.
    Field research
    , which is done with a straight down to
    the ground by way of:
    By observation techniques allow researchers to watch
    and observe
    , then record the behavior and events as
    they happen in the real situation, as well as allowing
    researchers recorded the events in situations associated
    with direct knowledge of the data obtained.
    The questionnaire is a tool or technique
    of data collection
    in the form factor of the questions asked about the factors
    that influence service quality leasehold.
    Data collection techniques are asked questions orally
    between two or more people in person. In this study the
    rs use data collection techniques with structured
    interviews interpreted as questioning and systematically
    directed to collect the relevant data using the guidelines
    as a basic guideline interview questions systematically,
    making it easy on the back though
    Review of Literature
    According Suradinata (2008: 6) there is a difference in
    meaning between the government and the government.
    Government is an institution or public bodies which have
    functions to make efforts to reach the goal state. While
    the gover
    nment is all the activities of the institution or the
    public agencies in the state for the purpose of carrying
    out its functions. Government can be differentiated in the
    broad sense and in the narrow sense. Governance in the
    broadest sense
    all activitie
    s of public bodies which
    includes the legislative, executive and judiciary in an
    effort to achieve the goal state. While the narrow sense is
    all the activities of public bodies which only covers
    executive power. Here in the distinction between
    government a
    s the notion of government as an institution
    and understanding the dynamics of the activities or
    institutions. Furthermore Authority (herein UNDP, 2007:
    2), argued that the measure of good governance is to
    achieve a setting that can be received public sect
    private sector and civil society.
    Local Government
    Law No. 22 of 2009 on Regional Government, which
    began to be enacted since January 1, 2001 and the fox
    by Law No.. 32 of 2004 and Law No.. 33 of 2004 is the
    constitutional basis of regional autonomy
    . Regional
    autonomy is the autonomous authority to regulate and
    manage the interests of local communities own initiative
    based on the aspirations of the community in accordance
    with the laws and regulations (art. 1h). Thus, in principle
    is regional autonom
    y granting autonomy to the people of
    the region to govern
    . In other words, autonomy means
    that the power and decision

    making processes in close
    proximity to the people, the parties will be in ering
    decision as well as an object of power is power in aski
    for funding, as well as decisions.
    People are
    a single
    object as well as links to the political operation.
    The research contained in the Biru Maju Village Forward,
    as an object of research and
    done by observing the
    Scholarly J. Bus. Admin. 40
    (observation) on the field and come face to face as well
    as the points in what was done in this study by the
    researchers. So what will be done to the fullest fruition
    the real
    condition and valid statement of
    This study on the basis of the discussion, there are two
    categories of division among others:
    1) Theoretically, the expected results of these studies are
    useful for the development of science, particularly
    science Autonom
    ous Government as the embodiment of
    the success in increasing advancement Regional
    Government, in addition to contributing ideas in the form
    of concept Influence

    concept Plantations Policy
    Implementation, Officials Coordination, Public Perception,
    Participation and The Service Quality of the Right
    use of Plantation In Biru Maju Village.
    2) In practical terms, is expected to provide input to the
    Village Government Biru Maju, especially in the various
    terms and factors that support the success of lea
    Service Quality in the village of Biru Maju.
    The conclusions of this study are as follows. The first is
    that the Effect of Policy Implementation Plantation has a
    positive and significant effect (76.8%), with a Serv
    Quality of the Right use of Plantation in Biru Maju
    The Effect of Plantation Policy Implementation is a factor
    of the amplifier leasehold Service Quality of the Right use
    of Plantation in the Biru Maju Village Forward, associated
    with the targ
    et, problem solving, results, strategy, policy
    performance, attention, communication, goals,
    implementation, division of labor, division of powers,
    criteria, problems, and means of influence. Secondly, the
    Officials with the Quality Care Coordination the R
    ight use
    of the Plantation in Biru Maju Village has a positive and
    significant effect (75.8%), because it is a factor of the
    amplifier apparatus Coordination of Quality Care in Rural
    leasehold Biru Maju, relevant authority, supervision,
    effectively, the
    cooperation, relationships,
    programs, approaches, goals, guidance, structured,
    mechanisms, objectives, and activities matching.
    In addition, it was also found that the Public Perception
    of the Service Quality of the Right use of Plantation in
    Biru M
    aju Village has a positive and significant effect
    (72.2%), and The Service Quality of the Right use of
    Plantation in Biru Maju Village, Public Perception is a key
    factor of service quality leasehold in the village of Biru
    Suminto 41
    advanced, related concern, goals, memories,
    materials, guidance, verbal information, intellectual skills,
    cognitive strategies, attitudes, indicators, physical motion,
    categorization, capabilities, internal and exsternal. Also, it
    was found that the Socie
    ty Participation in Service
    Quality of the Right use of Plantation in Biru Maju Village
    has a positive and significant effect (90.6%), Community
    participation is a supporting factor of leasehold Service
    Quality of the Right use of Plantation in Biru Maju V
    Forward, related voluntary, social, participation,
    target, serve society, mind, energy, thought and effort,
    expertise, results, knowledge, policy creation, improved
    confidence and efficiency. Finally, the Effect of Oil Policy
    n, Officials Coordination, Public Perception,
    Public Participation jointly have a positive and significant
    effect (68.2%), with a Service Quality in Rural leasehold
    Biru Maju, related skills, knowledge, job descriptions,
    participation , training, responsib
    ility, discipline,
    encouragement, skills, self

    development, exemplary,
    recruitment, learning approach, strengthening the
    organization and formation of professionalism.
    In line with the conclusions that have been taken from the
    results of this study, some s
    uggestions that may be
    carried on to improve the Service Quality of the Right use
    of Plantation in Biru Maju Village as follows:
    1. The Local government officials should pay attention to
    the implementation of policies that have been set so that
    it will ha
    ve an impact on the target that has been set and
    achieve goals to improve the quality of service one

    licensing will be achieved if policies have been defined,
    implemented properly by competent personnel.
    2. The Should be the coordination, the work can
    arranged into a roundness that is integrated with the most
    effective way possible, and the harmony of the above
    procedures and systematic structured assignments.
    3. The External working conditions should refer to the
    various ways that are designed to f
    acilitate the internal
    processes within an employee while working.
    4. With the participation should facilitate efforts to
    strengthen civil institutions through education, awareness
    building and honing the skills to participate effectively and
    provide a bet
    ter basis for policy

    making and ensure a
    more effective implementation.
    5. There should be with the learning process approach
    will give a great tolerance for bureaucracy in the process
    of formation and improvement of professionalism and
    bureaucratic resour
    ces development should be done
    together to improve performance on the microstructure
    and institutional reforms.
    That takes into account factors that conditioned the
    development of high integrity with technology and
    attention to access a wide network
    for a better future,
    develop the capital market and trading business overall,
    on the attention to aspects

    aspects of overall
    development locally and long distance, this principle is
    one of Access a growing population of the urban sector is
    seen from the s
    ide of the movement of the progress of
    the quality factor of a region, through the perspective of
    Human Resources (HR) through a particular education
    level. so that the very rapid pace of development in the
    rural population compare
    greater accessibility
    network access at a glance, so sustain the pace of
    development in general rather than the goal itself, this
    very system describes the era of rapid growth and
    Thank you , praise and gratitude writer prayed To Allah
    who has
    given grace , guidance , favor , and blessing to
    the author so as to complete the dissertation entitled : ”
    Effects Of
    Plantation Policy
    , Officials
    , And Society
    On The Service Quality
    Of Th
    e Right Use Of
    In Biru Maju Village, Indonesia
    ” which is the
    final task to complete some of the requirements in order
    to achieve a Doctoral degree ( Dr. ) in Government
    Management Sciences Graduate Program Satyagama
    University , Jakarta . The au
    thor is not aware of the
    dissertation writing may be achieved if no intervention ,
    counseling , referrals , sincerity , sincerity for taking the
    time , which has instilled the values
    of academic and
    provide valuable clues from the promoter , namely : Pro
    Dr. Josy Adiwisastra , Drs . , As Director of Graduate
    Studies Doctoral Program as well as a promoter of
    science and government management has provided
    motivation and direction to the author. With all existing
    capabilities to author, then the attention
    and guidance on
    this occasion we would like to thank Supervisor, Dear:
    1. Prof. Dr. Ir. H. Soenardjo Wirjoprawiro, M.Si, as the
    Rector of the University Satyagama.
    2. Mr Dr. H. Rahimulloh, SH., M.Si, as co

    promoter (co

    promoter) who has provided motivati
    on and direction and
    guidance to the author.
    3. Prof. Dr. Ir. H.Musa Hubeis , MS. , Dipl . Ing. , DEA, as

    promoter who has provided motivation and direction
    and guidance to the author.
    4. The Professor/Lecturer Doctoral Program (S3)
    Government Science
    Program Satyagama University
    who has provided a very useful knowledge for the writer
    during the course progresses.
    5. Classmates at Government Science Program
    Graduate University Satyagama who has given impetus
    the completion of this dissertation.
    6. K. State Governments Eastern has provided the
    opportunity to conduct research.
    7. Our beloved wife and children and brothers and sisters
    all for pushing me to work with passion and prayer and
    perseverance in compl
    eting this study.
    8. Others who helped me in making this dissertation
    writing, the writer cannot (cannot) mention one by one.
    The author is aware of the dissertation writing is far from
    perfect , therefore are expecting criticism , advice,
    guidance, direc
    tion very valuable , especially from the
    Finally in the convey prayers to
    may the deeds of
    all parties who have provided the impetus for getting
    reward from Him. Amen
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